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We are Los Angeles based photographers always willing to extend out to capture the worlds moments.  Our phocus is to blend creativity with art to create everlasting memories through imagery.  Whether it's a wedding, or portrait session, we're driven by our clients reactions when they receive their photos. We look forward to photographing YOU! So feel free to send us an email and lets get started on your project.

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Olivia’s 1st Birthday!

Olivia turned ONE on February 2nd, and I was invited to shoot her monumental day and celebration. On the first of February, I showed up a little early to the venue and had a portrait session with her parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and godparents, who had flown in from the East Coast, before her guests were due to arrive. The biggest surprise was Mama’s uncle who flew in town on the eve of the celebration with everyone expecting him but one. What a way to start the weekend!

I know Antonio and Tenaja through IMW Law Firm where Antonio works. It is one of the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles, and we have been capturing IMW’s celebrations, events and headshots since 2013. You can say we are a part of the family.

In November, Antonio invited us to shoot his family’s holiday photos at Kenneth Hahn Park, off of La Cienaga & Obama Blvd overlooking the city of angels from the beach to the mountains. Since Antonio and Tenaja are both from the East Coast and accustomed to snow, we really wanted to capture the essence of a Los Angeles winter. Sweaters, jeans, changing leaves on trees. A totally different vibe then Olivia’s birthday celebration in February.

Olivia started the day in gold shoes and a beautiful pink dress with one shoulder showing off her style to take photos with each of her family members and godparents, before switching outfits for her party at the Coop. The Coop South Bay is located in Redondo Beach, with an all in one space for a youngan’s celebration. A bounce house and ball pit, toys and games, feasting and dancing are all inclusive and perfect for families with different age groups celebrating together.

The party was princess themed, with crowns atop each plate, golds and pinks sprinkled throughout the space and the best gift bags. Each thank you gift was complete with tutus and fairy wands for the little princesses and every prince had swords swinging, shields protecting and their capes soaring.

This was such a fun celebration of love, family and Olivia, and I was so honored to document such a special day for a special little girl.


Groomes | Maternity in Manhattan

On February 1st, I raced from one shoot in Redondo Beach, to a Maternity shoot in Manhattan Beach with my cousin and great friend Brianna Groomes. This shoot was very special to me as I have been capturing Jason and Brianna Groomes’ huge life moments since their love story began.

Two years ago on a trip to celebrate their engagement in LA, my cousin Jason surprised his fiance with a photoshoot, shot by yours truly. Then last year in February Nick and I traveled to Atlanta to shoot their wedding photos. To be a part of Jason and Brianna’s love story, and capturing their important moments has been so rewarding and fulfilling for me. So I was over the moon to continue with their maternity shoot to celebrate the coming of their first child, their little girl, who is due in the Spring.

I met Brianna at the pier with her mother, who’d also traveled from the east coast and our Aunt in tow. The ladies carried bags and shoes, enjoying themselves watching behind the scenes as I captured Brianna in first a beautiful orange dress, hair full of life, and then a soft pink ballerina-like dress, fitting for this mama-to-be.

I really wanted to capture ballerina photos, to reflect her background in dance, but doing jumps, twists and arabesques is not as easy whilst 6 months pregnant. I still made sure to capture the dancer within her by encouraging graceful poses and elegant posture.

We had a blast in the wonderful Los Angeles sun, it was such a nice day out. Not too hot or cold. We were able to catch golden hour about an hour before the sun went down. I was able to capture beautiful silhouettes, shots under the pier, as well as set up some regular portrait shots that showed off her tiny belly, beautiful figure and smile. Her natural hair in this shoot is my favorite, since I have been capturing events for her, this is the first time I’ve been able to take photos of her natural maternal spirit and let that be the entire focus of the shoot. She has a gorgeous soul, always smiling, happy, and always showing gratitude and we know she’ll be a phenomenal mother. We had an amazing time creating these first memories of baby girl Groomes.

At the last minute she pulled out her ultrasound photo of Baby Girl as she wanted to do some special shots with it. I had her sit with it right as the water came up and captured her before, during, and after the wave came. Her natural laughter coming through the photos so genuinely, due to the cold Pacific water.

It was a beautiful afternoon and after we finished we went back to the car, gave each other

hugs. Chatted a little more about gumbo, and celebrating that night with some games and music. Unfortunately, i was not able to make it to but it’s so nice to know that they think of me as the family, and invite me as a family member to come hang out with them.

These photos show the beauty of that day perfectly, and I cannot wait to meet Baby Girl Groomes and capture Jason and Brianna’s next huge life event.

Peace and Love.

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ARS Counsel | A Celebration on the One Year Anniversary

On February 6th at the Parlor off Melrose, Almuhtada Smith (Mu to his friends) celebrated the first year of his very own law firm ARS Counsel (based in Los Angeles).

ARS Counsel is a strategic counsel for innovators, entrepreneurs, entertainment, business, finance, and technology. ARS works with their clients to take their businesses to the next level. Their main areas of practice are: Intellectual Property, Internet, Digital Media, Entertainment, Capital Raising, Virtual In-House Counsel, and Litigation.

Walking into the venue with the firepits blazing and lights illuminating the courtyard, Almuhtada’s assistant, Victoria, and two beautiful Bruins greeted friends and coworkers, welcoming all of the guests to a private room with basketball on the flatscreens and music elevating the mood. The decor and interior of the Parlor is dressed with brown leathers, greenery covers the back wall, and it all gave off a sultry, masculine, and beautiful setting for the event. There was a bar, food service and a relaxed atmosphere.

Almuhtada and Angelise created an environment with a lot of networking, celebrating, sending love, connecting people from over the years and future business relationships. It was a family environment, and everyone there was filled with love and gratitude, wishing Almuhtada congratulations and cheers. It just so happened that Almuhtada had run into one of his own childhood friends earlier that day in the streets of LA, and invited him to come to the party that evening. He and his beautiful queen attended, and he got on stage to tell the story of Almuhtada’s grandmother, the neighborhood’s counselor back in the day. The idea that Almuhtada is a lawyer and providing counsel to the people, is reflective of his grandmother giving everyone in his childhood neighborhood counsel. In a way, he has followed in her footsteps.

This will be the first of many events for Almuhtada and Angelise. They want to reach out to the community and make sure people have a place to come to when it comes to evolution, elevation, and innovation. Please visit ARS Counsel’s website for any questions or to contact Almuhtada Smith, www.ARScounsel.com

Event Flicks was there to photograph the celebration with Tianna behind the lens, while Glen Anthony (@mrmcbuckets on Instagram) captured the video.

It was a beautiful night filled with beautiful energy and great people, and we are so elated Event Flicks got to be a part of it.

Peace & Love.

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Jason + Brianna | Atlanta, GA

Jonathan + Lauren | Marina Del Rey, CA

I Heart Alliance – Southern Cali

Happy Holidays. Our winter season has started off with a few celebrations with our closest friends. Alliance Residential has been a favorite of ours to capture because they know how to throw a party and have a good time. This year, they brought the kid out of us all with The Silent DJ dance party, HUGE Video Games like PacMan and Space Invaders, and photo booths for silly photos and Boomerangs. They also took the time to celebrate their successes throughout 2018 with memorabilia for the best of the best and a huge raffle. The creative signs hand made by some of the properties were a joy to watch wave as enormous cheers projected from every chair. Nominees and Winners…Congrats!

Clay Baby Shower

CABL 2017 | Marina Del Rey

Brandon + Natalie | Marina Del Rey, CA


Welcome Home. We had a wonderful celebration with the grand opening of our new studio in West LA. Our doors are now officially open right in the middle of Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, and Inglewood. If you know about the neighborhood favorites, La Louisiana and Simply Wholesome, you can find us right across the street at 5838 Overhill Dr., Suite 3. Our studio provides photography and video services (www.EventFlicks.com), yoga and fitness (www.CARDYoga.com), nutrition and urban farming (www.TheresAPlantForThat.com); we hope to help our community thrive and continue to flourish.

Thank you to all our family, friends and community leaders for visiting our home away from home.

“The greatness of peoples springs from their ability to grasp the grand conceptions of being. It is the absorption of a people, of a nation, of a rare, in large majestic and abiding things which lifts them up to the skies.” ~Alexander Crummell

Special Thanks To : Grilled Fraiche and Chef E Dubble…the food was delicious!