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Happy Birthday Sue!

Her style, magical, Her mood, mysterious and Her garments, delicately charmed with flawlessness and romantic beauty. Sue Wong, if there was such a thing as a Goddess, would be one.

April 19th, she unveiled her fall 2013 Great Gatsby Collection at her estate in an intimate and friendly private viewing.

It felt like Marilyn Monroe was in the next room as jazz danced in the slightly lit hallways from room to room amidst a soft raspy vocalist. Wong was successful in captivating the jazz era of the 1920s with soft dresses, petal skirts, ruffles, fringes, feathers, beading and embroidery. The celebration of femininity was in the air and frailty was not a sin. Raw edge roses, corded ribbon and bodices filled the rooms. Long ball gowns, dresses and skirts with intricate details flirted under the moon. Not to mention ruffle sleeves, strapless dresses and spaghetti straps prancing.

The Finale, The Flapper Wedding were white whimsical gowns, hypnotizing as models floated around like white swans swimming up a shimmering stream. Grace and charm carried them away like waters flowing through your finger tips.

The night was a perfect reincarnation of what the ladies were wearing almost a century ago which transforms you into a certain mood. The feel of a dream was certain, not wanting the day to break we eventually said goodnight but will always keep a piece of that golden age with us …….. when we drape a Sue Wong.

Written by: Dionna Harris, The Styling Agency

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