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We are Los Angeles based photographers always willing to extend out to capture the worlds moments.  Our phocus is to blend creativity with art to create everlasting memories through imagery.  Whether it's a wedding, or portrait session, we're driven by our clients reactions when they receive their photos. We look forward to photographing YOU! So feel free to send us an email and lets get started on your project.

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Welcome Home. We had a wonderful celebration with the grand opening of our new studio in West LA. Our doors are now officially open right in the middle of Baldwin Hills, Ladera Heights, and Inglewood. If you know about the neighborhood favorites, La Louisiana and Simply Wholesome, you can find us right across the street at 5838 Overhill Dr., Suite 3. Our studio provides photography and video services (www.EventFlicks.com), yoga and fitness (www.CARDYoga.com), nutrition and urban farming (www.TheresAPlantForThat.com); we hope to help our community thrive and continue to flourish.

Thank you to all our family, friends and community leaders for visiting our home away from home.

“The greatness of peoples springs from their ability to grasp the grand conceptions of being. It is the absorption of a people, of a nation, of a rare, in large majestic and abiding things which lifts them up to the skies.” ~Alexander Crummell

Special Thanks To : Grilled Fraiche and Chef E Dubble…the food was delicious!

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